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Appealing Your Case

If you have been through the trial process for a civil dispute and want to appeal its outcome, it is important that your attorney have deep appellate law experience. At Law Office of M. Andrew Brison PLLC, our determined and highly skilled appellate counselor can provide the detailed representation you require to pursue a new outcome.

Being A Successful Appellate Lawyer Requires Unique Skills

Though you may want to hire the same attorney you had at trial, the appellate process demands different skills, and an experienced appellate lawyer is necessary.

A trail attorney needs experience in a courtroom, making a strong case to a jury by presenting facts and handling negotiations with the other counselors. For an appellate attorney, however, quite a different skill set is necessary. This attorney for appeals must prepare extremely well and handle a large amount of analysis, research and writing.

In an appeal process, the attorney needs to perform these duties:

  • Conduct extensive legal research and analyze the issues as they relate to rules, policies and laws
  • Perform a substantial amount of writing to develop a persuasive appellate brief that presents facts and intricate arguments
  • Field numerous questions in an oral argument, in front of a panel of judges

When you appeal, a lawyer’s focus changes from proving facts in a trial with witnesses to debating the legal issues that decide the case. Effective appellate advocacy requires a formulation of the issues focused on what is important to the panel of judges deciding the case. If you are considering an appeal in or around the Charleston region, please speak with our attorney.

Request A Consultation With A Strong Appellate Attorney

Appellate law requires a significant amount preparation work, filing deadlines and court appearances. Our diligent appellate attorney is ready to speak with you. To arrange a consultation in the Charleston region, call 304-397-8225 or communicate with this email.

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