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Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff in an insurance case, the potential implications of the legal outcome are substantial. It is critical that West Virginia (WV) businesses and individuals pursuing or facing insurance claims and litigation work with a WV insurance attorney with thorough knowledge of insurance law, the ability to overcome the challenges associated with insurance cases and the skills to succeed in negotiation and the courtroom.

Clients of The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC get top-quality service from a Charleston, WV insurance attorney who understands how to effectively handle and manage WV insurance claim and coverage disputes and issues.

Who Needs a WV Insurance Attorney?

Insurance companies are usually the defendants in insurance claims and lawsuits. This can mean you are defending against claims made by the individual or entity you insure or by people or entities who say they were harmed by a party you insure. We are also available t work a WV insurance panel attorney to represent the insurer’s best interests in claim negotiations and litigation.

Plaintiffs in WV insurance claim and coverage disputes and litigation are the injured parties who file a claim or a lawsuit after being harmed by the negligence or wrongful actions of an insured person, business, or other entity. We also help these individuals and entities understand the process and pursue their claims for coverage.

Our experience on both sides makes us deeply knowledgeable about how to best protect your interests. Whichever side of the case you are on, you need a WV insurance case attorney who is up to the task of fighting for your rights and interests at every stage of the process—from obtaining the right coverage for your needs to arguing or even appealing your case in the courts, if needed.

A West Virginia Insurance Defense Attorney

Insurance claims and lawsuits are fraught with unique and complex issues that require the attorneys who defend these cases to have a high level of legal knowledge and skill. In addition to managing the legal procedures and processes involved, a West Virginia insurance defense attorney should be able to identify and prove fraud, ensure that the defendant meets their duty to cooperate while avoiding excessive discovery requests, work with respected expert witnesses and handle the way cases are presented to the press and the public.

Attorney Andrew Brison at The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC has a successful career as a Charleston, WV insurance attorney. Examples of insurance defense cases he has handled include:Image of an insurance policy with eyeglasses magnifying the text, representing the intense care placed on insurance claim and coverage issues for defendants and plaintiffs by Charleston, WV insurance attorney M. Andrew Brison at The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC.

  • Commercial vehicle and trucking
  • Automobile accident claims
  • Retail and premises liability
  • Claims against municipalities and state government
  • Class action lawsuits, such as chemical spills and coal mine contamination
  • Employment discrimination
  • Professional liability

A WV Insurance Panel Attorney

Insurance companies sometimes opt to have a panel of attorneys and law firms they turn to when they need legal help with WV insurance claim and coverage disputes. A panel attorney should work with the insurance carrier to learn their preferences for communication, negotiation, and litigation while providing the legal counsel and representation needed for success in insurance cases.

Quality panel counsel will maintain good communication with adjusters and represent the company well to insured parties but will also maintain respect for the relationship between the insurer and the insured, knowing when to step back and let the carrier work with their insured and when to step in to mitigate risk and manage the situation.

A WV insurance panel attorney should also understand how to put risk mitigation at the forefront and keep the insurer informed with prompt, accurate, straightforward information and advice.

Andrew Brison is an experienced West Virginia insurance defense attorney with the qualifications and knowledge needed to guide and represent insurance carriers as their WV insurance panel attorney.

A Charleston, WV Insurance Attorney for Plaintiffs

With his wealth of knowledge and experience handling WV insurance claim and coverage disputes on both sides of the courtroom, Andrew Brison also serves clients on the plaintiff side of insurance matters. Clients trust Mr. Brison to manage their insurance claims and lawsuits in a way that maximizes compensation, whether this involves negotiation and settlement of claims or pursuing litigation to get what the client deserves for their losses. Our office handles WV insurance claim and coverage disputes for clients seeking compensation under all manner of policies, including these:

  • Auto
  • Premises liability
  • Property or homeowner
  • Casualty
  • Professional liability

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Whatever your needs related to WV insurance claim and coverage disputes and matters, WV insurance attorney M. Andrew Brison at The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC can provide the legal counsel and representation required to mitigate losses and protect your interests. Contact us by calling 304-397-8225 or completing this online contact form.

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