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WV Local Counsel Lawyer

With more than 30 years of litigation experience, the Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC has served clients in West Virginia (WV) in many capacities. Knowledge and skill acquired during M. Andrew “Andy” Brison’s work as a judge, prosecutor, and trial counsel for a Fortune 100 insurance company, among other legal work, make him an invaluable to out-of-town counsel. He has everything you look for when engaging or referring clients to an experienced WV local counsel lawyer.

With over three decades in litigation, Mr. Brison’s experience includes handling various legal issues as lead and as local counsel. In addition, as WV local counsel attorney, Mr. Brison’s knowledge of local law and court culture gives you more meaningful access to courts in WV at both the state and federal levels.

The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison Offers More Than Just a WV Local Counsel Lawyer

While working as local counsel, The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison assists attorneys who wish to appear personally via WV pro hac vice admission. We are happy to serve as co-counsel and provide any services needed throughout litigation.

Our ability and willingness to assist out-of-state counsel provide the basis for a great working relationship with out-of-state attorneys. In addition to serving as a local presence for the case, Mr. Brison’s wealth of knowledge is an asset for unfamiliar with WV’s laws and rules of procedure. He is also ready to work with attorneys and businesses on a case-by-case or ongoing basis.

A WV Local Counsel Lawyer with an Array of Experience

Over the course of his career, Mr. Brison has gained substantial knowledge to offer out-of-state attorneys and their clients. Drawing on his time as a judge and prosecutor, Mr. Brison provides out-of-state counsel with an excellent resource for the rules of procedure and evidence. He can ensure out-of-state attorneys are not tripped up by WV law or procedural rules in the handling of pleadings, motions, trial procedure, and court appearances.

In addition to being a local resource on WV law and procedure, Mr. Brison can also serve as more engaged co-counsel in litigation and appellate matters, building on his current practice representing insurance companies, state agencies, municipalities, and others who face lawsuits for civil rights violations and other claims.

When WV Local Counsel Attorney M. Andrew Brison Can Help

From representing many clients over the years, the Law Office of M. Andrew Brison has gained experience handling a range of substantive claims and legal issues. Whether involving initial litigation or an appeal, Mr. Brison can handle and assist with cases impacted by many different areas of the law.

In addition to serving as in-house trial counsel for a Fortune 100 insurance company, Mr. Brison also provides insurance defense representation for insurers and their insureds against claims filed by individuals and businesses. His substantive experience spans from personal injury claims arising from motor vehicle, construction, and trucking accidents as well as other areas of law, such as employment matters such as wrongful discharge.

Mr. Brison also has deep experience defending against allegations of civil rights violations, including those involving excessive force, false imprisonment, false arrest, and other federal and state constitutional and statutory claims. This variety of experience makes him stand out among local counsel attorneys in WV.

WV Local Counsel Lawyer with State and Federal Bar Admissions

With Mr. Brison’s experience comes several bar admissions, assisting out-of-state counsel throughout the Mountain State in state or federal court. Mr. Brison has the following bar admissions:

Whether you need co-counsel or local counsel attorneys in WV, The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison has you covered. Our experience in litigation and appeals is a valuable resource when you need help with your West Virginia client’s case.

As an out-of-state attorney, it can be daunting to think of handling a lawsuit in WV. Fortunately, The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC is here to help as a WV local counsel lawyer. Contact us at 304-397-8225 or complete the law firm’s online contact form.

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