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Civil Rights and Social Justice in WV Schools

Public schools and other educational institutions in West Virginia (WV) and elsewhere have obligations to protect students’ civil rights, including providing a safe educational environment that is free from discrimination. When problems related to civil rights and...

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Do You Have a Right Not to Wear a Mask in WV?

If 2020 was the year for contesting social distancing mandates, 2021 became the year for contesting both vaccine and mask mandates. Americans get very sensitive when it comes to their rights, and the mask mandates of 2021 have had many Americans wondering what...

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What is a white-collar crime?

You often hear people talk about white-collar crime as if it’s a commonly understood phenomenon. It is true that most people have heard of it and even have some idea of what it entails. But there are also many myths and misconceptions. Do you really know what...

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