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WV Commercial Truck Accident Defense

Trucking companies, as well as their owners, drivers and insurers, must contend with a rising risk of nuclear verdicts awarding massive damages. If you are facing a truck accident lawsuit, you may be wondering what you should do. An experienced WV commercial truck...

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Where to Find Small Law Firm Advantages

Your legal matter is a priority for you, and the same should be true for your attorney. But how do you find the lawyer who shares your dedication to finding answers and resolving your problems? You are sure to enjoy the many small law firm advantages when you hire an...

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West Virginia Non-Party Liability Statute

When more than one party contributes to the cause of an accident and a plaintiff's injuries, the law allows the parties to apportion fault or you could possibly avoid liability altogether. However, in some cases, the identity of the individual or organization...

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Self-Insurance Defense in WV You Can Count On

Self-insurance is not uncommon for organizations that face significant liability due to the nature of their business or cause. In these situations, it may be more favorable to replace a traditional insurance policy with self-insurance. But what happens when your...

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Police Civil Rights Violations in WV: Your Rights

Civil rights safeguard your freedom from infringement by the government and its representatives. These rights are protected by the US Constitution as well as certain federal statutes. Examples include your right to vote and your right to be free from discrimination....

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