Top mistakes to avoid after a car wreck

Top mistakes to avoid after a car wreck

Jun 3, 2020 | Personal Injury


With so much happening after a car wreck, it’s easy to slip up and make a mistake that could cost you in regard to your health and/or finances.

Fortunately, when you have an idea of how things are likely to unfold, you’re better positioned to avoid a mistake.

Here are some of the top mistakes that many others have made before you:

  • Neglecting to call for help: Even if you think you can handle the situation on your own, it’s best to call 911 to request police presence and an ambulance. If you don’t do this, you’re 100% responsible for everything that happens next.
  • Saying too much: You’re under no obligation to talk to the other driver. You can exchange information, but you don’t want to go much further than that. You could easily slip up, such as by saying “I’m sorry,” which implies that you caused the accident.
  • Turning down medical treatment: Your health is top priority, so you should get checked out at a local hospital. Some injuries don’t present symptoms right away, so the only way of knowing what’s wrong is to undergo medical testing.
  • Forgetting to call your insurance company: Your medical needs come first, but shortly after that you’ll want to call your insurance agent to file a claim. This is easier said than done, as there’s a fine line between explaining what happened and saying too much. Remember, your agent isn’t on your side. They’re available to process your claim, but they’ll always do what’s best for their company.
  • Neglecting to learn more about your legal rights: There’s a good chance you’ve suffered financial losses as a result of your accident. Do whatever you can to protect your legal rights, hold the other driver responsible for their actions and obtain the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

These are the types of mistakes you want to avoid after a car wreck. If you make one or more of these, it will complicate your situation and place more stress on you during an already difficult time.

As long as you’re focused on your health and protecting your legal rights, you’re putting yourself in the right position.