Where to Find Small Law Firm Advantages

Where to Find Small Law Firm Advantages

Jun 22, 2023 | Blog


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Your legal matter is a priority for you, and the same should be true for your attorney. But how do you find the lawyer who shares your dedication to finding answers and resolving your problems? You are sure to enjoy the many small law firm advantages when you hire an attorney who treats your case as importantly as you do. Add to that years of experience and a keen eye for individualized strategy, and you have The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC.

How Small Law Firm Advantages Make a Difference

Medium- and large-sized law firms boast a deep bench, but a deep bench means you’re probably working with the third string. Your legal questions and matters deserve direct attention from the attorney in charge—the one with the experience to capably handle the issues that brought you to the office in the first place. Instead, your case seems to get passed down and around while you’re billed for hours that the new attorney spends to learn the issues and your case. Welcome to BigLaw’s Newbie Attorney Training Academy where you pay for young attorneys to learn how to be a lawyer.

The benefits of hiring a small law firm give you just the opposite. You get representation and counsel from the attorney with the experience to help you meet your goals. Developing a real relationship with your attorney means you get personal attention and regular, direct contact with your lawyer. These benefits help keep you in the loop and allow you to contribute to the resolution of your legal matter.

Establish a Real Relationship with Your Attorney

Finding the right legal counsel can also make a critical difference in the handling of your case. Larger law firms often boast a “team” approach, but that’s just another way to say your case gets passed on to a less experienced associate or get passed around to the attorney available on the day something needs to get done. When your case is spread out among so many, no one person is leading the case with a full grasp of your specific needs or the problems associated with your matter.

When the firm you hire uses the “team” approach, you don’t work with any one person long enough to forge a relationship or learn how each other works and thinks about your legal matters. By partnering with an attorney at a small firm, you work directly with the experienced attorney from the start and throughout your need for legal services. As a result, you develop a much different relationship with your lawyer. Having a single attorney dedicated to your questions and problems means your attorney becomes very knowledgeable about you, your business or matter, and your goals. And your collaboration in the management and handling of your case gives your attorney unique perspective and provides you a front row seat for offering insight and feedback.

Manage Costs with a Small Firm

Hiring a team of lawyers means you’re paying for the entire team. When a file is passed around to whomever is available in the moment, each attorney must review what’s already happened in your matter to learn your questions and goals and determine next steps.

Hiring a small law firm means you get dedicated and knowledgeable counsel at a more manageable cost. Your attorney has been with you from the start, so he already knows your goals and what has been done to date and can use that that information to more quickly research and implement solutions. This means your case is handled in a much more cost-effective way.

Ease of Communications

How many times have you played phone tag with a lawyer at a medium- or large-sized firm? You go from the receptionist to the administrative assistant, to the paralegal, and at any point along this phone tree you’re probably asked to leave a message. Access to your lawyer is both a comfort and a necessity.

One of the small law firm advantages is having easier access to the person hired to represent you and protect your interests. You can avoid the phone tree and know that your attorney actually takes calls when he’s available and returns them quickly when he’s not.

Capitalize On Small Law Firm Advantages in West Virginia

These and the many other advantages of choosing a small law firm are great selling points, but the main selling point is the attorney himself. At The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC in Charleston, WV, your problems, questions, and representation are capably handled by M. Andrew Brison and his support staff. He focuses his work to develop relationships and provide cost-effective legal service and ongoing communication directly with his clients.

Whether you’re looking for a WV insurance defense attorney, local counsel, pre-suit investigation assistance, or representation in a trucking accident in WV, you’ll find the best small law firm advantages here: a partner with your best interests as his focus. To learn more about how M. Andrew Brison can help you, call for an appointment at 304-397-8225 or complete this online contact form.