Who provides compensation for victims of big truck crashes?

Who provides compensation for victims of big truck crashes?

Aug 6, 2020 | Personal Injury


After someone gets hurt, that victim sometimes has the right to seek financial compensation due to medical costs, property damage and even lost wages. In many motor vehicle crashes, the claims process is relatively straightforward. A driver passenger hurt by someone who causes a crash can file an insurance claim against that driver’s policy.

In cases where costs exceed the available benefits or where the driver who caused the crash doesn’t have insurance, the injured party can file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver responsible. When the vehicle that caused the crash is a commercial truck, victims may be much more confused about their rights and options for compensation.

Insurance claims can still be an option

Just because the vehicle that caused the crash was a large commercial truck and not a personal vehicle doesn’t mean insurance is off the table. In fact, commercial vehicles typically carry substantially larger insurance policies than smaller personal vehicles. Drivers may find that the insurance policy will adequately cover their various financial losses related to the crash because of the higher overall level of coverage.

Sometimes, the driver is the one responsible for the crash

Commercial truck crashes are often the result of mistakes made by the driver. Inappropriate maneuvers, distraction and fatigue could all lead to a commercial driver causing a crash with a smaller passenger vehicle.

If the insurance company refuses to cover the crash because of significant wrongful acts or negligence, like drunk driving, or if the costs the victim incurs exceed the coverage available, a lawsuit against the commercial driver could be the solution.

Sometimes, there is a third party responsible for the situation

Although many crash-related personal injury claims seek compensation from a driver, sometimes neither driver is the one with ultimate responsibility for the collision.

A company that manufactured a defective truck component that failed and led to the crash might be responsible for your injuries. If the company that owns the truck failed to maintain its brakes which led to brake failure and your injuries, the company that employs the driver and failed to maintain the truck might be responsible.

Looking at all of your options for compensation after a major incident like a commercial truck crash will usually be in your best interest.