Will insurance coverage be enough after a major crash?

Will insurance coverage be enough after a major crash?

Feb 19, 2021 | Personal Injury


The more physically demanding your job is, the more of an impact an injury from a car crash might have on your career. Whether you break a leg and can no longer be on your feet for a retail management position or you suffer a back injury that requires surgery and rehabilitative care, you might miss out on weeks’ worth of wages after a crash.

If the crash was caused by another driver, you probably expect to receive compensation from their insurance policy. The compensation rights you have after getting hurt in a crash largely depend on how much liability coverage the other driver had. Could insurance alone not cover your losses?

Some people only carry the lowest amount of insurance possible

Paying for motor vehicle insurance can eat into someone’s budget every month. Especially for those with bad driving records, the cost of insurance could be more than they can cover. Some people let their policies lapse and continue to drive despite the risk. When they cause a crash, their lack of coverage leaves the other driver at risk.

Other people keep their policies active but only carry the least amount of insurance that they can in West Virginia. The minimum mandatory coverage is just $25,000 each in property damage coverage and injury liability protection. The medical and injury protection goes up to $50,000 if there are two or more people hurt in the same crash.

You might be left with uncovered expenses if the other driver doesn’t have coverage or has a policy that won’t cover the costs of your care, lost wages and property losses.

West Virginia also requires uninsured driver coverage

While many states ignore the risks that come from drivers that don’t pay their premiums, West Virginia addresses this concern in its insurance requirements. Every driver has to carry liability coverage and uninsured driver coverage.

You may be able to file a claim against your own insurance policy in some cases involving an at-fault driver without an active policy. However, making a claim against your policy might mean that your costs go up, so you may also want to consider a personal injury claim against a driver who causes a crash without enough coverage to protect you.