A West Virginia Insurance Defense Lawyer: The Key to a Successful Defense

A West Virginia Insurance Defense Lawyer: The Key to a Successful Defense

Jun 28, 2022 | Insurance Defense


Hiring the right attorney is critical to securing legal outcomes that protect your interests. In addition to evaluating a lawyer’s legal skills and practice areas, finding an attorney who will work well with you is essential when choosing a West Virginia insurance defense lawyer.

An insurance defense attorney can handle insurance coverage and claim matters from pre-litigation through trial, negotiating and fighting on your behalf. Working with counsel who has experience as a West Virginia insurance panel attorney sets you up for success. For coverage disputes and defense against insurance claims in any area, contact an attorney with insurance industry experience and a reputation for success.

How to Choose a West Virginia Insurance Defense Lawyer

Image of scales of justice and a gavel, representing how a West Virginia insurance defense lawyer at The Law Office of Andrew M. Brison, PLLC can help fight against insurance claims.

It is important to find the right West Virginia insurance defense lawyer for optimal results. Your insurance defense lawyer must have a thorough understanding of insurance laws and the ability to evaluate and identify coverage issues. The ideal attorney has experience handling all stages of litigation, including negotiation and trial.

Before hiring, it is also important to meet your new counsel because you will be spending a lot of time working closely with your lawyer. In addition to capitalizing on their legal abilities, it is essential to ensure that your attorney’s goals in litigation align with yours. Defending even the most common cases may become a challenge without a good working relationship with your insurance defense lawyer.

Common Cases Handled by a West Virginia Insurance Defense Lawyer

While no two litigation cases or lawsuits are identical, an insurance defense attorney knows all cases have many factors in common. Insurance defense lawyers often defend claims of personal injury, property damage or workers’ compensation, although they help in other types of coverage, too. Your insurance defense attorney should have extensive experience handling claims that are common in your location, such as truck accidents in West Virginia.

Given the primary industries in West Virginia, it is common to need an attorney for West Virginia commercial truck accident defense. Attorneys handling trucking accident defense in West Virginia know the plaintiff only has two years to file a lawsuit after an incident.

In addition to the case-specific rules, the attorney should know the rules governing litigation and how they can impact settlement. For example, an experienced attorney thoroughly investigates the plaintiff’s fault in causing an accident. If established, this can reduce the plaintiff’s overall recovery. A good insurance defense lawyer will be adept at managing issues like this and can use his or her knowledge of the law to reduce the clients’ exposure to damages throughout the lawsuit.

The Role of a West Virginia Insurance Defense Lawyer During a Case

When your lawsuit is in process, it is important to have a responsive and thorough attorney to handle your defense. An attorney without attention to detail can derail your defense by missing deadlines or not filing the correct paperwork with the court. A good defense lawyer protects your rights as a defendant and looks for ways to gain an advantage throughout the legal process.

The defense attorney must wear multiple hats throughout litigation, including as a negotiator and advisor to clients. In addition, the attorney performs the following tasks while defending a lawsuit:

  • Investigating the claim
  • Identifying and interviewing witnesses
  • Attending court meetings and hearings
  • Preparing and arguing motions
  • Representing the client’s interest at trial

Regardless of the type of case, a good defense strategy and argument increases the chance of a favorable outcome. Hiring the right defense attorney is step one of building a successful insurance defense.

Who Hires Insurance Defense Counsel

Most commonly, an insurance company hires an insurance defense counsel. While the named defendant is the policyholder, the party who hires and pays for the defense is the insurance company. The following are two instances when an attorney may be contacted or hired:

  • By an insurance company to defend a case
  • By an insurance company for a defense panel

Insurance companies often have a list, known as a panel, of attorneys and law firms to choose from when a lawsuit arises. Depending on the policy, the insurance company or policyholder may pick a West Virginia insurance panel attorney to defend the case.

Lastly, a municipality or business seeking regular defense counsel may also have need to hire a West Virginia insurance defense attorney. An insurance defense attorney who works regularly for these organizations can represent them during litigation or provide advice that helps avoid litigation.

Contact a WV Insurance Defense Attorney

Working with an experienced West Virginia insurance defense lawyer can make the difference between winning or losing a case. If you need an experienced WV insurance panel attorney or other legal help to defend against insurance claims, contact Andy Brison of The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC at (304) 301-3916 or complete his online contact form.