The Importance of Local Counsel for Insurance Defense

The Importance of Local Counsel for Insurance Defense

Sep 7, 2022 | Insurance Defense


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Insurance defense is a complex legal practice, and the best strategies and approaches vary by jurisdiction. From the practices and policies of insurance companies to the preferences of local judges, there are a lot of factors that can make litigating in a particular state or city unique. The help of local counsel can be extremely advantageous in these cases. The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC provides experienced Charleston, WV local counsel for insurance defense throughout West Virginia (WV).

Securing Local Counsel for Insurance Defense Can Make a Difference in Your Case

When an insurance company or self-insured organization brings in lead counsel on a case, they may be experts in the law, but they are usually not experts in the local norms. Hiring local insurance defense counsel ensures that you have familiarity with the local process on your side and know what to expect. The help of local counsel often saves time and money, and it can give you an advantage in court.

What is the Role of WV Insurance Defense Local Counsel?

In insurance defense, companies often have in-house counsel or hired outside counsel take the role of lead attorney on a particular case. In West Virginia (WV), if that attorney is not licensed in the state, he or she must seek permission to appear as counsel pro hac vice (meaning on this occasion only). A lead attorney is not familiar with the customs and procedures of that particular jurisdiction often hires local counsel to act as a guide on local practice and to facilitate court interactions and filings during the case.

Good local counsel knows the local written rules, but they also know the unwritten rules and can navigate the local legal norms and procedures. They know how to effectively manage a case in their jurisdiction and have the local experience that lead counsel will not have.

Negotiations by Local Counsel for Insurance Defense

When it comes to insurance defense, negotiation is key. While going to trial is sometimes necessary in insurance cases, going to trial usually is not the most favorable outcome because it is more expensive and time-consuming for all parties involved. Skilled lawyers try to negotiate and settle the case outside of court so that everyone is spared from a trial.

Experienced WV insurance defense local counsel may know the parties involved in the case, which can go a long way in building goodwill and keeping negotiations on track. Insurance defense often comes down to people skills and relationships, so having a local attorney working or consulting on your case can make a big difference in the outcome.

Going to Trial with Local Counsel for Insurance Defense

In some cases, negotiations come to a standstill, and the case moves on to trial. While courtrooms across the country follow standard rules of evidence, there are localized rules of procedure as well as unwritten rules with which local counsel will be familiar.

Local counsel will also be familiar with the courtroom stakeholders, including the judges and clerks. Some judges are particular in how they run their courtroom and how they want attorneys to present evidence. Being familiar with these requirements and preferences from the start saves time and can build goodwill with the court.

Secure Your WV Insurance Defense Local Counsel Today

The importance of local counsel in insurance defense cases cannot be understated. Effective local counsel can save all parties time and money and can offer you the best chance of a favorable outcome in your case.

M. Andrew Brison at The Law Office of M. Andrew Brison, PLLC is a skilled defense attorney who has experience serving as WV pro hac vice co-counsel for insurance defense. He can provide invaluable knowledge and help with a defense strategy that is catered to the local jurisdiction. Contact M. Andrew Brison by calling 304-397-8225 or by filling out this online contact form to secure your local counsel for insurance defense in WV.